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We're open from 10:00-5:00 Monday to Saturday for your shopping convenience

November 2014 News

As always, we’re getting new fabric all the time. Our Christmas fabric is complete and we have plenty of it! You know we have a huge selection of batiks in every colour you could imagine. They are always so popular. We also have our $10 metre rolls for you to choose from. We’re adding to those all the time. Drops ins on non instructional days are always welcome!


Bargello Tree Skirt

Saturday, November 1st, 8th, 22nd &29th    10:00-5:00

This is a “get together” by request. Not a formal class. If you wish to participate, you will be required to bring grocery gift cards for our senior.

Beginners Quilting

Saturday, November 15th   10:00-5:00
Monday, November 10th 10:00-5:00

We provide the fabric, batting, backing and thread so you are already using the top quality fabric for your placemats. This is a comprehensive class where you’ll learn the proper use of your tools, what works, what doesn’t, strip piecing, cutting and finishing! You will complete one placemat in class and you will have enough fabric to complete another one at home or here on a non-instructional day or “free sew day”. We expect you to know nothing. Don’t think you’re not “good enough”. If you have no knowledge of quilting then this will work well for you. We’re here to get you started on the right road to a very rewarding hobby.

Instructor: Kathy Deaton
Instruction fee: $85.00 (includes your fabric etc. to complete two placemats)

Friday Fun Day

Every Friday from 10 am to 8 pm is Friday Fun Day. Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make room for you. We have nothing but fun and laughter with a great group of people.

About copyright, you must purchase or own the pattern or book for the class being taught.  No photocopies will be allowed and each student must have their own purchased pattern or book.  No photocopies will be allowed at any of our drop in days or Friday Fun Days.  

Other Notes:

Please refrain from using any kind of perfume while taking a class or joining a group or coming to sew. There are a couple of people that have severe reactions, like death! Also, we’re tired of listening to your cell phone, your text sounds and your private conversations. It’s not polite. So don’t do it while taking classes, joining a group or coming to sew.
We continue to support those that design patterns. You will need to have your own purchased copy of a pattern that we teach, that you come in to sew on a play day, or group. If it’s a pattern we have designed then we can give you a copy…but you can’t copy and pass it on; it’s illegal. I hope you all understand how important it is. We want designers to keep on designing. If we don’t support them, they will stop creating.

A word about copyright:

As you know, some of the classes we offer require you to purchase a book or pattern. Since the information contained in those books and patterns is considered "copyrighted" material, it is illegal to photocopy all or any portion of the information, even just to share with a friend to use during a class. We all want to support the creative efforts of the hard-working Designers who develop our favourite quilt patterns and encourage them to continue to publish and create.

In order to do that, we must properly compensate them for sharing their ideas with us by purchasing their books and patterns. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!